Friday, December 23, 2011

Dubai, The Place Where People Always Say Goodbye

I’ve been a very busy-body. Since missing my flight Sunday night I have went to Oman, spent the day in Abu Dhabi, and went out on Tuesday (ladies night) for the first time ever!

My parents were very worried when I missed my flight and wanted me to book my flight for the next day. To save money, I just booked it on the 24th. Then I went to the visa officer and he told me I had to leave the country by the 21st or I’d have to pay a 7000AED fine (about $2000). So I decided to take a quick trip to Muscat, Oman at 3 a.m. on the 20th.

I got back to the dorm around 7:30am, and had to wake up at 10:30 to go to Abu Dhabi. My 1st Cali friend was taking the GRE at 1p.m. (1.5 hour drive) so we planned on leaving at 11. Our ride didn’t show up until 12:00!!! This is the only time in Dubai that I condoned speeding.

Our friend is an experienced driver via driving in the desert. He weaved in and out of lanes, like we were in a movie. Other times he just made people in front of us move by blinking his lights. It was crazy! She got there at 1:15, but they still let her in. Hallelujah!

The exam takes five hours, so we spent the day in Abu Dhabi while we waited for her. We even visited The Palace. There’s a museum there that talked about Sheik Khalid, and I learned a lot. There are a lot of interesting new things planned for Dubai and Abu Dhabi….

Last night, we finally got to visit Cavalli! It was overrated. It was so crowded and I wasn’t feeling the music. Afterwards, there was an interesting after party. I didn’t go to sleep until 6:30.

I am at the airport now and am so tired. I have a 14.5-hour flight, and a 6-hour layover in DC. Although my parents are super worried, and I feel bad for not coming home earlier, I am glad I got to properly say goodbye to my friends.

As you know, Dubai is a place filled with expats. They do not offer retirement packages, and you have to live here 25 years to apply for citizenship, and it is not guaranteed. For this reason, people come and go frequently. If you stay in Dubai, you have to get used to saying goodbye to good friends.

The day I was supposed to leave, my two Cali friends cried when I left and asked me to stay. I didn't want to go and I felt like I was leaving too early. When I missed my flight, I felt sooooo bad. I knew my parents were going to kill me. But on the bright side, I got to spend so much more time with them and create even more memories. These two women have touched my life in more ways than they could ever know. It was these two that made Dubai so exciting.

I love you Cali girls! 

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